Medical specialties

Head of the department "Medical specialties"
Doskulov Oraz Nuralievich, Candidate of Medical Sciences


Qualificationname, code

The normative term for mastering the educational curriculum by skill level

On the basis of basic secondary education

Specialist of the middle level:0302033 - Nurse of general practice


3 years 10 months


On the basis of general secondary education

Specialist of the middle level:0302033- Nurse of general practice


2 years 10 months 

Types of professional activities of the nurse of general practice:

  • carries out and documents the main stages of the nursing process in the care of the patient;
  • fulfills the requirements of infection control, infectious safety of patients and medical personnel in the structural units of Medical Organizations;
  • organizes nursing care for patients based on the stages….
  • performs preventive, curative, diagnostic activities, appointed by a doctor in a hospital;
  • organization, prepare tools and assist the doctor in complex manipulations;
  • supervises and cares for the elderly and old people;
  • provides qualified medical care for adults and children;
  • organizes and conducts sanitary-hygienic and anti-epidemic measures;
  • forms and develops effective relationships with the patient, relatives of patients, colleagues, representatives of social services;
  • promotes a healthy lifestyle;
  • learns throughout life and uses new knowledge and technology in their professional activities;
  • carries out the nursing process, focused on the individual needs of the patient;
  • prepares the accounting and reporting documentation of the structural unit of the inpatient and outpatient organization;
  • owns communicative communication skills;
  • organizes medical and dietary nutrition in Medical Organizations;
  • organizes outpatient admission of a doctor (preparation of the workplace, instruments, tools, preparation of individual outpatient cards, forms, prescriptions, pre-medical history, preliminary examination of patients).


0305000-Types of professional activities in the specialty 0305000-«laboratory diagnostics»

Types of professional activities of the graduate for qualification0305000-« Medical laboratory assistant»:

  • the provision of medical care in emergency conditions;
  • work with a distiller, heating devices, a centrifuge, weights of all kinds, KFK, IFA, PCR, automatic analyzers, express analyzers, etc .;
  • maintenance of accounting and reporting documentation;
  • work with a microscope, using the basic methods of histological technique;
  • determination of the types of protozoan helminths and arthropods at different stages of their development;
  • possession of methods of biochemical analysis of biological material;
  • possession of research methods of the function of the stomach, gallbladder, the ability to characterize blood groups, fungal lesions and venereal diseases;
  • collection of material from objects of the external environment;
  • carrying out sanitary-bacteriological and sanitary-virological research of water, soil, food, household items;
  • conducting sampling and determining the physico-chemical properties of water, air, soil, food;
  • sanitary and hygienic assessment of environmental factors;
  • the definition and assessment of microclimate indicators for dwellings and industrial enterprises;
  • carrying out of sanitary-educational work on propagation of a healthy way of life.

Institutions providing practice.





LLS «Sciencetific cardio surgery and transplanatien clinical centre»

Dzhoshibaev S

City Таraz, Avenue Аbya №196/1


LLS Medical college «Taraz -Bolashak» medical centre

Askarov P.А.

City Таraz,

Str: Pushkina №57


GCC on RSL «Zhambyl regional perinental centre»

Aitbaeva А.К.

City Таraz, Str.N.Krupskaya №1 Б


GCC on RSL «Hospital with policlinic DIC of Zhambyl region»

Baizhasarova R.S.

City Таraz, Str.Satbaeva №8 А


 GCC on RSL «City Hospital №2»

Mamasheva S.К.

City Тaraz,  Str. Rysbek batyra №13


 GCC on RSL «The children^s infectious hospital of  Zhambyl»

Ysenbaev B.B.

City Таraz, Str.Lenina №153


CGM «The Bearding house for  the elderly and disabled people»

Baishigashev О.Т.

City Тараз,

Str. Klayr Akima№2


 GCC on RSL «The consulting-diagnostic medical centre of Zhambyl region »

Begmanova B.А.

City Таraz, Str. Tole bi№64


GCC on RSL «City Hospital№9»

Rapilbekova G.S.

City Таraz, Str.Syleimanova №4


 GCC on RSL «The Children^s City Hospital№1»

Nurzhanov R.B.

City Taraz, Mkr.Baiterek №3


GCC on RSL «Zhambyl regional Hospital»

Beisenbekov S.Z.

City Taraz, Str.Aitieva №2


RGP on RSL «National centre of exspertise»

Zhetibaev S.D.

City Taraz,

Str. Aiteke bi№13


 LLS «Scientific cardiosurgery and transpiantation»  clinical centre «ZHANUYA»

Dzhoshibaev R.S.

City Taraz, Str.Pushkina №41


 GCC on RSL «The Children^s hospital of Zhambyl region»

Rabandiarov М.R.

City Taraz, mkr.Baiterek  №1


GCC on RSL «City perenental centre»

Sagangalieva К.А.

City Taraz, Str.Rysbek batyra №15


 GCC on RSL «City policlinic №7»

Shataeva A.Y.

City Taraz,Str.Rafinadnaya №13

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