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Here you can learn a new profession or acquire new skills, and we also train bachelors. Our programs are focused on practice, we monitor the relevance of the material and help with employment and internships.

What is

LLP Higher Medical College "Taraz-Bolashak" is a private educational institution of vocational education, which has the status of a legal entity, implementing professional educational programs of vocational education.

Bolashak College began its work in the professional and humanitarian specialty by order No. 353 on 23.04.2004 by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

About us

The college, being an open socio-economic system, operates in a dynamic environment. Its survival, effective results are possible only under the condition of internal integration and harmonization of processes, rational management of the college, on the one hand, and adaptation to the requirements of the external environment, on the other.

The development and adoption of a decision is a key procedure in the activities of the heads of structural divisions, determines the entire further course of the management process, in particular the end result of management activities and the state of the college.

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Our systematic approach to education


One of the best online education platforms.

Video lectures

You can watch video lessons at any time, access to educational materials is provided indefinitely.


The new material is consolidated with a practice task that will be tested in 48 hours.


Alive communication with teachers and other students in messengers to discuss assignments and exchange experiences.


Final work on an assignment from real patients allows you to apply your skills to solve the assigned tasks.


The experience we have gained in the course of training makes it much easier to find a job.

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