Trip to Turkestan

The political journey began, first of all, with a visit to a historical, sacred place in the South Kazakhstan region, the Arystan baba mausoleum. Here we saw an unusual room with a grave of a baba, visited a specially tasted place for prayers and tasted the holy water of Arystan baba's well. There was one unique object that surprised and interested the students. It was an overnight stay and prayer at the tomb of Arystan Baba. After lunch they visited mausoleum of Ahmet Yassaui in Turkestan. In the course of the trip students visited Turkestan city, which became the spiritual centre of Turkic-speaking peoples of the country, the capital of Kazakh Khanate in XV century B.C., saw the mausoleum built for K.A.Yassaui, saw amazing "Taikazan", the castle on the tomb of Ahmet Yassaui, funeral room, monument to Abylay-Khan and got acquainted with its history. Then we visited the underground mosque where Ahmet Yassaui used to live in seclusion away from turmoil. Then we visited the Eastern bath and Juma Mosque, admired Rabia Sultan Begim Mausoleum. The journey did not end with the visit and acquaintance with historical sites and then continued with scientific and entertainment programs. In addition to cognitive activities, the excursion had a great educational, health-improving and sporting value. This trip, aimed at developing a historical and cognitive culture and sharing authentic experiences, will undoubtedly become an example for many.

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